Sormiskeittaaminen?!? Mitä se on?

Sormiskeittaaminen on rullalautailun kasvava alalaji, jossa temput tehdään jalkojen sijasta sormilla eli etusormi on takajalka ja keskisormi on etujalka. Sormiskeittaamista tapahtuu mielestäni ainakin kolmella eri tasolla, joista yksi on satunnainen leikkiminen muovisilla Tech Deck sormiskeittileluilla. Toinen on lähinnä varusteurheilua, eli kehuskellaan uusilla rampeilla, laudoilla sun muilla ja kolmas on näiden kaikkien "yhdistelmä", jossa kehuskelemisen sijaan käytetään ramppeja hyväksi, sillä niihin menee aika paljon rahaa.

Suomessa Tech Deck -leluskeittejä saa Marketeista, mutta esim. Berlinwoodin ammattimaisesti tehdyt hyvät ja laadukkaat laudat saat tällä hetkellä vain kahdesta kaupasta ja ne ovat DOH FB SHOP ja Ponkes Web Shop. DOH on erikoistuneempi ja asiantuntevampi pieni yritys kun taas Ponkesista saa isompia ramppeja sun muita.

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keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2011

”In The View” via Facebook with Mitko Kanev

Tomi: why and how did you start fingerboarding?

Mitko: It was like 5 or 6 years ago when i started. but it has a story behind!
Mitko: Like about 10 years ago on
Mitko: Eurosport watts show i saw a guy fingerboard in a sink
Mitko: and he was killing it. back then I had no clue if
Mitko: there even is fingerboarding , in fact
Mitko:  i could not imagine such a thing at all since it was not even
Mitko: popular to see skateboarding in my country..
Mitko: then one day we went to a cafeteria with my mates
Mitko: and there was this guy that had a tech deck and
Mitko: i asked him whats that and from where he has it.
Mitko: The next day i bought one and the story begins

Tomi:  cool
Tomi:: let's continue the story then...
Tomi:  how did you end up to be in some popular YouTube videos
Tomi: and to be known in the scene?


Mitko: Hmm
Mitko: my interest in fingerboarding grew and like
Mitko: after some months i did a video
Mitko: with like just footage from here and there
Mitko: then i came across Eric Smith's Crime in Choir video
Mitko: and i started to type with him about fingerboarding...
Mitko: he was a very polite and chill person..
Mitko: one day he told me about FFI forums
Mitko: and i made a registration there.
Mitko: My videos at first didnt have any comments
Mitko: and weren't noticed at all.
Mitko: it was 2008 when we did an outdoor video
Mitko: with Zahari and this video basicly introduced us to a bigger audience..
Mitko: I think this video that made us "popular"
Mitko: cuz the first people i met at fast fingers told me
Mitko: “hey you are that guy from bulgaria with the oudoor video “
Mitko: then later on
Mitko: i got on Prete fingerboards and became
Mitko: more known and my videos got few thousand views etc..
Mitko: later i got on flatface fingerboards and now kids know who i am
Mitko: being popular isn’t something i am aiming at
Mitko: i don't care at all..
Mitko: i am not saying that it’s not nice but it
Mitko: really don’t make a difference at the end of the day

Tomi:  yeah you shouldn't care for fame

Mitko:  yeah and i dont
Mitko: at least i think i dont  :d

Tomi:  how has your opinions and images about being sponsored changed after these prete and flatface Tomi: Tomi: affiliations?


Mitko: hmm changed a lot
Mitko: i was thinking that being sponsored is some big thing
Mitko: and it is but i was having the wrong perspective
Mitko: now i realize that being sponsored
Mitko: is actually being a part of something
Mitko: some family or some project
Mitko: some idea
Mitko: it’s not about the products really it’s about  
Mitko: that i am friend with mike and peter
Mitko: these guys helped me so much with my fingerboarding ,
Mitko: many times gave me courage to get through my daily shit
Mitko: just because they are friends and we talk
Mitko: and thats important for me
Mitko: thats the true spirit of being in flatface
Mitko: before i was on a team
Mitko: i saw sponsorship as some contract for items
Mitko: and being sponsored by prete or flatface it’s not really like that in my case at least
Mitko: also tha’ts a reason why I won’t let myself being sponsored by someone who i don’t enjoi being with..

Tomi:  yeah sounds familiar
Tomi:  I've thought so too in the beginning
Tomi:  but perspectives change

Mitko: yeah

Tomi:  it's good to let kids know that being sponsored is more like being a friend with the guys who have a Tomi: company and not just getting products all the time
Tomi:  you don't get products all the time right?

Mitko: I get products every time I need one
Mitko: and
Mitko: everytime i ask for one

Tomi:  but you don't ask if you don't
Tomi:  need right? isn't that the thing kids need to realize?

Mitko: no I wont ask if I dont need anything I am not the guy that has 100 setups to use
Mitko: yeah they gotta know
Mitko: you don’t need to be selfish
Mitko: really
Mitko: you just need a good setup to sesh with
Mitko: and you get it

Tomi:  being generous pays more than being selfish

Mitko: when you get it you don’t mind
Mitko: off course maybe u wanna have wheels for stone or for woodor for glass
Mitko: u get it .. but dont be selfish
Mitko: your sponsor is your friend
Mitko: you owe your fingerboard growing to him
Mitko: cuz he is the one who support your fingerboarding
Mitko: if it wasn’t about peter and mike i would not be who I am today
Mitko: in the fingerboarding world

Tomi:  true and great words
Tomi:  hmmm...
Tomi:  let's ask these cause couple Finnish kids asked me to ask you that
Tomi:  what is your favorite deck ever?
Tomi:  what is the best ramp?
Tomi:  and favorite trick?
Tomi: :DD

Mitko: My favourite deck must be the Prete Kura g2
Mitko: because i gained a lot of skills on this shape ,
Mitko:  but today this mold  does not exist anymore
Mitko: and since I am into wider decks it does not feel so good anymore.
Mitko: Right now I am into 32-34 mm decks and from that size from what I rode. I
Mitko: love the Grips Skin deck that is 34 mm and FlatFace g13 decks...
Mitko: maybe I have to start with the fact that i prefer 4 ply decks
Mitko: rather than 5 ply decks that everyone uses...
Mitko: I love the flexiblity of a 4 ply deck and i love how it respond to my finger moves
Mitko: the best single ramp for me is the +BRR+ funbox with box ! totally the brr funbox man

Tomi:  what are you doing at the moment in your life?

Mitko: hmm I don’t really have favourite trick
Mitko: some people tell me that nollie tre flip is my signature flip but idk,
Mitko:  i enjoi all tricks....
Mitko: chiling 
Mitko: I work as a cycling manager at Cycling Club Bourgas
Mitko: but there is not much to do right now
Mitko: as the season is not here yet
Mitko: other than that
Mitko: i am chilling
Mitko: i still have to fully recover from the surgery that i had in January
Mitko: so i am just going out with friends...
Mitko: and of course no drinking or smoking :))

Tomi:  that's good to hear that you're feeling so good after the surgery!

Mitko: yeah
Mitko: i will share more about that in the dvd Fingerboarding  4 ALLl
Mitko: i suggest everyone to buy one copy from u cuz there will be
Mitko: a lot more than what we will release in youtube or in something similar
Mitko: and it will be worth it

Tomi:  shhh.. it's not mine, no one knows who madei it, haha

Mitko: oh well

Tomi:  haha
Tomi:  that's okay cause I publish the blog as Justin Time and can say that a "friend" wrote it if there's
Tomi:  copyright shit

Mitko: oh yeah
Mitko: that’s an idea man

Tomi:  yeah there's gonna be more good stuff comparing to the internet version
Tomi:  your interview, ads and solo parts from talented riders
Tomi:  what do you think about Justin's idea to make the movie as a free version?
Tomi:  haha I'm so clever :D

Mitko: it’s a wonderful idea !! I don’t believe in copyrights ,
Mitko:  I dont believe in money either..
Mitko:  such shits hold us down and prevent our society from growing
Mitko:  I don’t get why musicians want more money
Mitko: and how they expect me to pay for their shit after watching their MTV cribs...
Mitko: lol

Tomi:  yeah feel free to continue if you will ;D (no props for MTV musicians, hahaha...)

Mitko: I think this is enough :))
Mitko: idk what to say

Tomi:  or is there something you wanna say about anything

Mitko: yeah it’s enough
Mitko: :))
Mitko: I will say everything in
Mitko: Justin's dvd
Mitko: Justin is a cool guy
Mitko: he don’t have face for the audience
Mitko: but rules
Mitko: and it’s pretty
Mitko: haha

Tomi:  haha... I wanna thank you for this In The View via Facebook and wish you all the best in the whole Tomi:  fucking world and see you next year for sure! peace...

Mitko: :))
Mitko: thank you tomi

Tomi:  thank you Mitko! You’re the best!  =)

Mitko: :))


Interview: Tomi Lempinen
Interviewed: Mitko Kanev
Source: Facebook Chat

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