Sormiskeittaaminen?!? Mitä se on?

Sormiskeittaaminen on rullalautailun kasvava alalaji, jossa temput tehdään jalkojen sijasta sormilla eli etusormi on takajalka ja keskisormi on etujalka. Sormiskeittaamista tapahtuu mielestäni ainakin kolmella eri tasolla, joista yksi on satunnainen leikkiminen muovisilla Tech Deck sormiskeittileluilla. Toinen on lähinnä varusteurheilua, eli kehuskellaan uusilla rampeilla, laudoilla sun muilla ja kolmas on näiden kaikkien "yhdistelmä", jossa kehuskelemisen sijaan käytetään ramppeja hyväksi, sillä niihin menee aika paljon rahaa.

Suomessa Tech Deck -leluskeittejä saa Marketeista, mutta esim. Berlinwoodin ammattimaisesti tehdyt hyvät ja laadukkaat laudat saat tällä hetkellä vain kahdesta kaupasta ja ne ovat DOH FB SHOP ja Ponkes Web Shop. DOH on erikoistuneempi ja asiantuntevampi pieni yritys kun taas Ponkesista saa isompia ramppeja sun muita.

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lauantai 16. heinäkuuta 2011

Fingerboard For Fun - Getting Creative - Sormiskeitti Luovuutta

Get Creative - Use Your Imagination - Think Outside The Box

"Summer time when the living's easy..." Summer is the best of times to get creative with fingerboarding cause you can go shred rocks and other naturally shaped spots or use for your advantage some u-man made spots. Out there is a lot of interesting spots, but you just need to find them or better yet know how to see them. You need to use your imagination to turn for example a gas-station into a FB plaza. It also improves your skills cause the flat is usually much rougher and / or the spot can be very difficult. But it sometimes takes time to own the spot so be patient and remember to familiarise the spot with simple tricks to get the feeling. And quite often the simple tricks are the most impressive. They are also often most enjoyable to watch! 

You can also get some concrete powder (don't know the right term but you understand, right?)`, fillings and or chicken-net and go to a near forrest or some place where you can build your own concrete banks, curbs, stairs, gaps, boxes etc. Try to find a place where's already rocks or something so you don't need to build the whole phoundation. You can also take ramps and other elements with you but I don't personally like to use rails and stuff with outdoor spots but you decide of course for yourself. "The truth is out there" like Mulder always said and everyone has their own truth(s) to find so go out there and never mind the people passing by who don't understand or the idiots that laugh at you cause they are indifferent. They don't mean nothing to you and you will propably never see them again or if you will they won't remember the whole thing. Don't let the ignorant peers pressure you to conventional hobbies or let them affect your passions in life cause life is too short for that. Just have fun, being a kid is all about having fun and when you grow up it will have even a bigger meaning in your life ;)

Got some old decks that where the graphics are all gone? Get yourself some PAINT and LACQUERE and make the decks look like how you feel or who you are. Make them your own! That's something I can't give any advices except that sand the bottom of the deck with fine sanding paper, clean it and then paint it. Add a sticker if you want to make it look cool or something like that and then just add few layers of lacquere to finish the job. It's therapeutical!!! Why stop there? If you have some ramps that look quite boring then give them some character with some of your own original artwork. Here's few of the decks that I have made myself from the decks I no longer use that much and couple other things. 

Thank you Ville for these...

My first wooden fingerboard - Close Up
My first Berlinwood - Used to be a Camo Green
Work In Progress...

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