Sormiskeittaaminen?!? Mitä se on?

Sormiskeittaaminen on rullalautailun kasvava alalaji, jossa temput tehdään jalkojen sijasta sormilla eli etusormi on takajalka ja keskisormi on etujalka. Sormiskeittaamista tapahtuu mielestäni ainakin kolmella eri tasolla, joista yksi on satunnainen leikkiminen muovisilla Tech Deck sormiskeittileluilla. Toinen on lähinnä varusteurheilua, eli kehuskellaan uusilla rampeilla, laudoilla sun muilla ja kolmas on näiden kaikkien "yhdistelmä", jossa kehuskelemisen sijaan käytetään ramppeja hyväksi, sillä niihin menee aika paljon rahaa.

Suomessa Tech Deck -leluskeittejä saa Marketeista, mutta esim. Berlinwoodin ammattimaisesti tehdyt hyvät ja laadukkaat laudat saat tällä hetkellä vain kahdesta kaupasta ja ne ovat DOH FB SHOP ja Ponkes Web Shop. DOH on erikoistuneempi ja asiantuntevampi pieni yritys kun taas Ponkesista saa isompia ramppeja sun muita.

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maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

Open Letter To The Blackriver Family And Others I Met In Fast Fingers 14

Thoughts about my trip to Fast Fingers 14, a fingerboarding event in Schwarzenbach An Der Saale. Thanks for the invitation Thomas!

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..."

Couldn't take my eyes off the window cause it was so beautiful up there. Down there propably Poland..?

First I would like to thank Thomas, Joaquin and all others that featured on my first fingerboarding movie called “Fingerboarding For Fun” because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. So thank you for opening doors for me. I will never forget that. Without that movie project we wouldn’t have DOH FB SHOP and without DOH FB SHOP I wouldn’t have been to Fast Fingers this year.

The Bonfire is ready for the night at Wunsiedel - The fingerboarding / skateboarding paradise

Special thanks go to Thomas Hansen for all his efforts to find me the easiest and the cheapest transportation options, stressing about the stuff I lost / spread around Schwarzenbach and taking care of the trolley and sleeping bag that I forgot in the last train on the way there. And those are only the latest things he has done for me. Such a nice person with his feet on the ground and he’s very smart, talented and funny guy. Proud to call him my friend! So big thanks and props to Thomas for all he’s done!
This picture brings back memories, like when I tried to brake in while Thomas went to get something from inside ;) Shh!

All work, no play makes Jack, no I mean Joaquin the same guy as before. It's not just bitches and bling to be on the Blackriver Team, sometimes you have to do some real work ;)

Another great personality that I came good friends with is Joaquin Méndez, teamrider for Blackriver-Ramps. We got along very well, but we had been in contact before that via e-mail since he featured in the movie I made, so I guess that’s one reason why we understood each other so well. So open minded, nice and relaxed person that no wonder Blackriver took him under their wings.  

Woot?!? It's not THC Winkie the Horse! I've just been served!

Mitko Kanev is also one of the personalities that I will miss a lot cause he is simply an amazing character who’s had some serious things in his life but he’s nothing but smile all the time and that’s what I respect and like about him. Phil Zalusky was very easy to get along with, maybe because he was few years older than the most of the people there. Hope you will get home safe and sound and as fast as possible!

Even though we didn’t hang out that much in the end I want to let Mike S, Taylor R and Chris Deso know that I enjoyed their company very much and they’re such great characters that they will have amazing future ahead of them. Everyone had their feet on the ground and was like everyone else, couple of guys chilling in Germany with their favorite activity. There was a lot of people I consider as my friends but I thought to mention the ones I spent the most time with so don’t be disappointed if I don’t mention you in this letter. I would forget someone anyway so I won’t list everybody. Of course you understand. Thanks for making me feel at home! Miss you guys!

Blackriver is amazing as a company but more amazing as a united front. The family thing isn’t just something they say to make people feel better about the company cause there’s really a family kind of thing going on that keeps growing I guess year by year. I want to make it clear that I have nothing to do with Blackriver Family, I was just privileged to hang out with them and make interviews and such. Of course I do business with Blackriver-Ramps since we have a webshop with my brother but that’s it. I have friends working for the company and friends who are a part of the Blackriver Family. I wanted to make that clear cause someone might think of my doings that I at least consider myself as a part of that big “messy” family. Titles and such aren’t important. I had the time of my life there for the 8 days I stayed with Thomas, Timo and Martin at the Steig. Amazing hospitality and consideration for others. Respect and appreciation to the Am Steig Trinity! (as Martin W. described the trio of pioneers living there)

This is a pleasant sign to see, believe me :D
LOL - I just had to take this picture! ;)

Two cups of tea please :D This nice woman kept my cold away with hot beverages!
People are very understanding at +BRR+ and they appreciate honesty and that they can trust the people they are in contact with. Mutual respect and passion for fingerboarding / other forms of art will get you a long way. The job they did for the Fast Fingers was amazing. First I have to mention the concrete park Elias build in two weeks was fucking awesome, just awesome. That’s propably the first thing that comes to mind when talking about FF14 so that’s why I mentioned it right away. Martin Winkler and Timo Kranz did wonderful job at hosting the event and the judges had a pretty rough day but luckily they could relax at the after party. But there’s so many people behind the event that I don’t know even the half from it but they have started working for the event months before the actual event. So thanks and props to everyone who was involved in organizing that wonderful event. And of course special thanks to Mr. Martin “The Main Man” Ehrenberger for not making it in the designer bed business ;) Now I’m imagining Fast Fingers event as a bed convention... naahh, no thanks I prefer it the way it was :D Props also to Lowpro and Gripskin, thanks for those special times. Good times, good times. Dunno yet what I’m gonna do with this but I felt like doing such a thing as a token of my appreciation towards BRR and all the amazing people I met there. The atmosphere was awesome and I didn’t feel much like an outsider there so thanks to all whom I met at Schwarzenbach. Miss you all and hope to see you all next year! Much love and respect! Peace!

Vintage park, the "deathpit" gap on the middle of the box

"Calm before the storm"

These old parks were just amazing, just amazing!

The lake view from the Wunsiedel! Such a beautiful place. Props to Flo!

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