Sormiskeittaaminen?!? Mitä se on?

Sormiskeittaaminen on rullalautailun kasvava alalaji, jossa temput tehdään jalkojen sijasta sormilla eli etusormi on takajalka ja keskisormi on etujalka. Sormiskeittaamista tapahtuu mielestäni ainakin kolmella eri tasolla, joista yksi on satunnainen leikkiminen muovisilla Tech Deck sormiskeittileluilla. Toinen on lähinnä varusteurheilua, eli kehuskellaan uusilla rampeilla, laudoilla sun muilla ja kolmas on näiden kaikkien "yhdistelmä", jossa kehuskelemisen sijaan käytetään ramppeja hyväksi, sillä niihin menee aika paljon rahaa.

Suomessa Tech Deck -leluskeittejä saa Marketeista, mutta esim. Berlinwoodin ammattimaisesti tehdyt hyvät ja laadukkaat laudat saat tällä hetkellä vain kahdesta kaupasta ja ne ovat DOH FB SHOP ja Ponkes Web Shop. DOH on erikoistuneempi ja asiantuntevampi pieni yritys kun taas Ponkesista saa isompia ramppeja sun muita.

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lauantai 2. huhtikuuta 2011

DOH FB SHOP - Information

DOH FB SHOP will be the first Scandinavian fingerboardstore on the web as far as I know. We will be in business with Blackriver-Ramps, Harrier, Flatface and Mitt Skateboards at least for the beginning. First we were meant to put a company that makes FB elements (DOH FB Elements), but we will need to sell them somewhere so through that came this idea of a specialised fingerboarding shop at least for all Scandinavians, but we will need to get more info so we will know that where we can sell those products and where we can not. 

Blackriver-Ranps is the number one fingerboarding company in the world. They work together with Berlinwood, Bollie and Winkler Wheels. Founded by legendary Martin Ehrenberger and the firm is controlled by fingerboarders.

Berlinwood is the number one fingerboard brand that makes good quality decks with awesome graphics! Berlinwood decks are also made by fingerboarders like Timo Lieben and Elias Assmuth

Winkler Wheels makes one of the best fingerboarding wheels in the world. They're professional wheels made by Martin Winkler himself, one of the pioneers in the fingerboarding scene!

Flatface is one of the biggest fingerboarding companies in the USA. It has been founded by Mike Schneider who is one of the most famous fingerboarders ever. They make good decks and very good wheels.

DOH FB Elements is a finnish brand that makes original elements for different purposes. At first we will make elements for those who we sponsor and to competitions as prizes but at some point they will be easier to get!

Harald Schoen aka The Dirty Harry from Berlin takes care of these Harriers. We will be selling the new Harriers which are stronger so they won't break as easy as they did once before!
Economical option for professional fingerboarding. Mitt's decks are cheap but good quality decks that I use myself. They make also ramps and stuff. Mitt Skateboards is from Poland.
DOH FB SHOP will do it's best to provide you with the best equipment for your fingerboarding activities! Support DOH FB ELEMENTS and you support the Finnish fingerboarding scene! Thanks to everyone who has supported us already, you know who you are ;)

So we will be selling Berlinwood, Bollie, Flatface and Mitt fingerboards, Winkler, Bollie and Flatface Wheels, Blackriver and Bollie trucks and much much more. BRR ramps, boxes and rails of course too. We will only sell products that we have tested by ourselves and found the product to be a good quality and functional product. Also we will keep the prices as low as possible meaning that we will sell for example Berlinwood decks at the same price as the +BRR+ Webshop.

Fingerboarding is clearly on the rise cause I didn't see Tech Deck commercials on the TV 6 months ago and now I have seen a few. Fingerboarding is a great channel to express emotions and it gives some kind of serenity to the one who is fingerboarding. So it looks good for fingerboarding since more fingerboarders mean more cool tricks and styles. We will give back to the community if our shop will make it somehow through the beginning by organising events here in Finland where there's no FB events at all at the moment. We also sponsor couple finnish guys and we're planning on sponsoring a third one at some point. 
So we are on a mission to help finnish fingerboarding scene / culture evolve and grow but also try to keep it as diverse as possible. We encourage youngsters to build decks, ramps and all kind of related stuff and it has already worked out so we are quite pleased. We will try our best so that everyone can have fun with fingerboarding and not just the ones who have been doing it for a while. We have a lot to learn from Swedish FB scene where everyone is polite, kind and openminded. But the the youngest ones are looking very promising on that area though.

To quote Mike Schneider from my interview with him, he said something like this "everyone should have a fingerboard no matter if they fingerboard daily or not that often" and I think it's true. I have seen so many different people taking interest on fingerboarding that it truly has no boundaries. And the best of all, there's no rules. Well, there's one thing that I consider as a rule or a guideline and that is to fingerboard with two fingers except when doing grabs. Fingerboarding shouldn't be taken too seriously cause it is all about having fun. So who is better than someone else doesn't really matter cause the one having the best time is the best fingerboarder. Anyone can practise all the tricks in the book, but without social skills, empathy and creativity to name a few one can't become very nice person to deal with. Like Martin Winkler said that "p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y and c-h-a-r-a-c-t-e-r are the games of life that lasts much longer" and it was very well said. Respect those with experience in life and you will most likely to be respected too. And remember that it pays to be generous! Support the scene! Peace.

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  1. Moro!Onkoha mahollista saada Bollien completea? Tällästä lähinnä aattelin,tai sitten muun värisiä samalla grafiikalla. Joulun jälkeen ajattelin sellase sitten ostaa kun tuli ostettua Ponkesista Close Upin dekki ja on liian kapea ja ei renkaatkaa taho aina pyöriä.



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